One of the least biased and most informative websites on drugs (and not just recreational drugs). You think you know the truth about a drug? Not very likely if you learned this "truth" from D.A.R.E. or some other anti-personal-freedom / pro-totalitarianism group. Want the straight facts, go to .
Productive member of society 1(PMS1): I happened to come across a substance of which I lack significant knowledge, and therefore, fear that use of said substance may result in undesirable side-effects. What might you suggest my course of action be?
PMS2: I would recomend searching the databases at
(Drugs make you talk smart; stop oppressing us)
by MisterHoho June 2, 2006
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Recreational drug database located at
Read up on erowid before you take some shit and kill yourself!
by Adam! March 28, 2005
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A website with info on pretty much every recreactional drug known to man.
If you wanna get high check erowid first so you don't kill yourself
by Riconoen May 8, 2006
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Greatest website EVER!
Drug lingo and such
Erowid has some new stuff on Meth check it out G
by Rich Man September 2, 2004
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Recreational drugs website, mostly consisting of "trip reports" from 14 year olds about how smoking kitchen spices in printer paper got them high, except it didn't.
I consider myself quite the cool dude and smoked a cinnamon and nutmeg doobie, I got pretty not-stoned and so I decided to tell the world on erowid how stupid and pathetic I am.
by Kolltomnus October 16, 2020
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1. Looking up random drugs on erowid and trying them.

2.Mixing drugs found on erowid.

3. Experimenting with uncommon drugs
Dude what happened to him?

He was erowiding at the party last night.
by jamaican jungle June 16, 2011
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1) The largest and arguably most informative drug website out there. Any substance the average person would come across in their travels, from Alcohol to Datura, is listed and explained by both scientific data and anedotes from other users.

2) It is also used as a verb in reference to this site.
1) Wow, I just checked out like you told me to, and now I know how to make LSA from Morning Glory seeds!

2) Person 1: Look at these mushrooms I picked this morning! Do you think they are psychedelic?

Person 2: Dude, I'm melting through the fucking floor... Go Erowid that shit
by that guy 9000 April 6, 2009
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