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Brand name of topiramate. Topamax is an anticonvulsant known for causing anomia, memory loss, and general stupidity. Therefore also called 'dopamax'.

Like many other anticonvulsants, Topamax is often used as a mood stabilizer. Appetite suppression is a common side-effect, so it is sometimes prescribed to encourage weight loss.

NOT spelled 'topomax' and NOT an antipsychotic.
"The Topamax was working great for my mood swings, but I had to go off it because it was totally wiping my memory."
by B. Ellis May 06, 2007
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An anti-sezire drug my doctor perscribed me to counter-act the weight gain effect of my Zoloft and to stabalise my craziness. Like that'll happen.

It comes in teeny white pills. It can make you tired.

Topamax is known as dopamax as well, for causing merory loss and such, but I can't tell the difference.

That might be bad.

See Wikipedia for more information, if it realy means that much to you.
Mom: "Did you remember to take your Topamax last night?"

Figure.10: "My what?..uh..yeah."
by Figure.10 June 01, 2009
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A drug for fattys
Man i been on that topamax for 2 weeks and lost 100 pounds my nigga
by Tacoman4u February 02, 2017
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To topamax is to be very moody, cranky, or indecisive.

It is technically the name of a mood stabilizing prescription drug.
She must be on the rag cuz she was topamaxing all day, nothing I could do would satisfy her.


That guy can't make up his mind, he's so topamax!
by unit45x September 26, 2009
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