a white female that has non-white friends yet only dates white guys.
danielle is so sexy yo, i don't have a chance with her though, she is a purifier.
by bigfatballsack101 October 1, 2009
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In the TV show, X-men the gifted. Purifiers are a group of mutant haters who hates mutant a lot and try to kill them. In the real life, it refers to those racist people who think that they are better and do not tolerate diversity.
Be careful, there are purifiers outside. -John Proudstar
by Thunderblink March 6, 2019
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to do a strenuous workout (running, lifting, etc) after a night of heavy drinking and debauchery in order to rid your body of any toxins or impure choices made the night before

can also be used as an adj "purity"
Yo man, let's go purify today. I had a rough night.

I could really use a purity workout after all those whiskey shots.
by hiphop-anonymous January 31, 2010
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When you go up against vigil and he domes you with the bubble daryl bosg shotgun and doc revives you but you get killed by a kapkan trap.
Oh ash just got purified.
by Osnaa January 29, 2018
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When a vagina is nice and clean and not smelling like fish
by Jiggily titties December 6, 2017
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A really hot person, wich is the 1337 above all others on forum.hw.no. No doubt, he's the boss. Hail Purify!
Oohoh, there is the allmighty Purify again!
by Bjørn September 9, 2004
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