A white person (usually male) who is one or all of the following: racist, homophobic, sexist, or just problematic in general
Person one: yo I encountered a purebred earlier and got called a fag
Person two: omg I fucking hate purebreds
by crashingsun September 17, 2021
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A ritzy Establishment spin on the word 'inbred'; most commonly used to describe dogs, but can also apply to cats or Appalachian yokels
"Me an' my sister-cousin done made us some purebred younguns!"
by Petus October 31, 2005
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1. The resulting child of an incestuous sexual relationship between two immediate relatives.

2. Any fan of Alabama football (see also: first definition)
Jimbo wanted to go to the hospital to see his sister give birth to their first Alabama purebred child, but the Alabama game was on.
by ErikR88 November 12, 2013
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Someone who is beyond a brute. To be so strong that you have to walk sideways through a door because your elbows stick out too far. So strong, that you can't turn around to wipe your ass.
by dhyalnannah August 13, 2010
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A fly ass female like underdog (the cartoon character) used to call fly females
damn cuz, look at that sweet polly purebred comin dis way
by shynin April 9, 2005
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