It could be used to agree with someone
Sam: ong ima beat her ass
Me: purdd
by Jungkook’s slave October 3, 2020
A combination of purr and period ie a New York and Cambridge used affirmation.
I'm gonna take the phone call here. Purd. Period.
by purd123 March 22, 2022
A combination of Urine and Faeces, made up of the words "piss" and "turd". Purd is usually an unexpected surprise once on the lavatory and thus the word is used with an exciting or shocked tone.

Can also be used in its Adjective form "Purding/Purded"
"There is Purd Everywhere !!"

"Its a Purd Massacre in there"

"I've just done a purd"
A Dustin is a type of person who expresses their emotions in the most unhealthy and pathetic way possible. Dustins or "Purds" as they're most commonly referred to as may become obsessive, controlling, and eager to get attention. They enjoy public grieving because it invites attention and clarifies that they are completely hopeless. Internet harassment has become a Phenomenon amongst "Purds". They feel empowered by harrasing their victims via social networks instead of simply letting it go. If You are being a "Purd" chances are women have already listed you as a stalker.
That Purd is a Cry Baby BITCH
Go cut your wrist Purd
I had to block some Purd on facebook
That Purd is fucking stalking me
by Phillip Joshlyn June 2, 2010
The act of urinating and pooing at the same time.
"I'm going for a purd"

"You're such a purdmonster"

"I had one bloody good purd last night"

"I'm so excited I'm going to purd everywhere!"

"It was like a purd massacre"
by benthewalrus August 18, 2007
An antonym to "prude."

Someone who enjoys sexual activities in access. The love of or desire for sexual things including but not limited to acts, speech, thoughts, or emotional attachment.
"Hey Clara, you are a total purd!"


"Hey Derek, why don't you go purd yourself!"
by mjw5 March 8, 2006
my other nickname my dad calls me
hey purd!
by ash July 10, 2003