Those stupid pundies bought up all the beachfront property and chase us off whenever we try to go fishing.
by defenestrator March 21, 2005
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A resident of Padanaram. Usually used with a negative connotation, it implies that the person specified is an uppity rich snob who inherited their wealth instead of earning it.
I was at the bar last night and this fuckin' pundy walked by and got all pissed off at me because he said I spilled beer on his $200 sweater.
by defenestrator March 21, 2005
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A conglomeration of the words Pink Underwear, hopefully as worn by females in the form of floss.
by The Phat Controller August 18, 2003
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1. Period underwear: underwear that is old, stretched out, has shot elastic and is stained from previous periods so you save it to wear during future periods thereby not ruining the current good stuff.
Jane: Geez, I have a headache and am feeling so bloated today. I must be gonna start soon.
Jane's friend: Hope you have your pundies on.
by billiestamps April 10, 2009
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'Pundy' or 'Pundies'.

Someone who doesn't excel. There isn't really anything wrong. It's just that. Well... Y'know. Normal.
Hey dude, did you see that guy? What a pundy.

Yeah that chick was amazing. She made us look like a bunch of pundies.
by #doyouevenbro July 15, 2015
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