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To travel wicked fast, usually in the downhill direction. It is all about sweet flow. Some report the sensation of floating. Some experience symptoms of permagrin. Experienced pumers describe pumin' as a state of mind, absent of thought. Often they describe they find themselves pumin' without realizing it at first. It just happens.

Pronounced like the sound a 10 year old boy makes when shooting invisible lasers. "Pyume pyume!".
My buddy pumed me to the top of the mountain in her truck, then I pumed down some sweet singletrack. I was so in the zone that there was only the pume. Later on we met up for a surf and went pumin' down some tasty waves. It's more fun with fellow pumers.
by shredchic May 14, 2011
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Similar to a Puma, referring to a young woman with the build or makings of a Cougar.
I'm such a "Pumes"


Fuck You Soup!
by dirtbag0154 July 23, 2010
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bouncing the fuck out;
leaving with great haste
" pume ... he was outta there"
"aint nothin' faster than a pume.."

mentioned in a Maino interview
'allegedly' (because i dont know) one of Lil Cease's guys got out quick after he got hit

he said it i didnt make it up-i take no credit
by gRyPhOn July 10, 2008
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food eaten while tripping acid or shrooms. Has absolutly no taste or texture. pronounced poooom.
1)I think this is yummy, but it's just pume.
2)I can't taste this pume.
by Momomafro October 14, 2005
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The smelly gas from animal or human faecal material. Short for "poo fumes".
I couldn't escape the pumes when I was in the public toilets.
by LongShelfLife September 17, 2010
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f**kin' hilarious.
Man 1: did you see her fall!?

Man 2: yeah man, it was pume!

Boy: what did zero say to eight!?

Girl: dunno!

Boy: nice belt.

Girl: hahaha....that's pume.
by TheScene. April 23, 2011
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