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We're so worried about little Billy. The other day his sister caught him playing with his pud.
by Miguel du Bris November 11, 2003
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1. The male penis
2. A lazy, useless, or very weak person.
1. I lost my girlfriend, so now i have to wack my pud.
2. He just sits around all day like a little pud.
by PIMP May 03, 2007
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The male genitalia - a penis, dick, cock, or dork.
Larry sat home all evening and pulled his pud.
by B. Sure January 16, 2003
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An abnormally weak and wimpy person. Synonym for wimp, weakling, pussy, and wussy. Also indicative of someone with lots of fear, afraid of almost anything. A pud would run from any fight, shy away from any argument, be and be physically weak. Typically an insult equated with failure as far as a physical challenge or inability to take on easy challenges. Also synonymous with pudwacker.
Dude, just do it, don't be such a pud

AWW Man, The hot girl wanted to make out with Matt, but he got scared and ran away. What a little pud!

What, you can't even bench the freekin bar! What a pud!
by Schweinsberg August 02, 2004
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a person who does idiotic things without too much effort. Is not always derogatory, but can be used as such.
I felt like such a pud when I tripped up the stairs at the tube station.

I am such a pud.

My boss forgot to tell me that the times of a job had changed, so that I could let his crew know...what a pud monkey.
by Val Cohen April 26, 2004
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