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The best word in the whole word. Teehee is such an amazing word that we made a song. This is the song:
Teehee to the market, Teehee to the house, Teehee to the kitchen, Teehee to the couch. Teehee to the pool, Teehe while you swim, Teehee while you snore, Teehee while you win.
by #Teehee_Twinssss June 17, 2020
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by misspinkyperfectionnnll July 09, 2011
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Pronounciation(Tea+He) Uses(Verb,Adverb)

Defintion: 1)The act of joyful giggling. 2)A noise made to convey happiness 3)Presented to imply innocence
Erin saw Kevin holding flowers for her and jumped in the air and let out a teehee because she was happy to see him.

Erika tripped Eddy and when he turned around she teeheed and put her finger on her mouth innocently.

by Kevin(W0lfPunk) February 17, 2009
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A type of small laugh, usually used when something is funny. It is most well known as the catchphrase in nigahiga.
George: How do you make time fly?
John: how?
by Chris P. Baekin June 21, 2009
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What a midget says when hes tickled at the bottom of a well
by watup420 June 11, 2009
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A much cooler way of saing haha or lol. A cooler version of this word is teeheehee or teeheeheehee
Danielle said teehee and it was annoying.
by Joshua W. Thompson October 29, 2006
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