A girl who dates/likes/hooks up only with hockey players, henseforth she gets passed around like a puck.

It is basically a picky whore/slut, same difference as they both sell themselves, except these girls prefer hockey players.
"I won't date any pucks!"

"That Courtney girl is such a puck."
by LaceyBear December 20, 2005
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A girl that will bang or suck anything that plays hockey is a puck. They sad depressed people that find satisfaction in having hockey palyers inside them.
Bill: Did you here Brittney H. got double teamed by two Mustangs?
Fred: She's such a puck
by That guy behind that bushes November 07, 2006
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Puck, is a rubber disc used in the sport of hockey, but is also a term used by hockey players to verbalize going to engage in a hockey related activity. Is also used to describe a woman who seems to be attracted towards hockey players.
'No way man, Kelsey's a puck, you don't want that.'

'Slap the puck into the net Johnny!'

'Hey Rob, do you have puck tonight?'
by Doantlyke Blahks March 01, 2011
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a good way to pretend you didnt say fuck.
fuck you!
what did you say?
i said...

Puck You!
by sexyassmanwhore April 11, 2009
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Small, thin burgers; shaped similarly to hockey pucks. The term is mostly associated with McDonald's cheeseburgers.
We gotta stop by WacArnolds man....I could really go for a couple 'a pucks!
by davemcnasty November 18, 2010
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A combination of male and female secretions (juices) during intercourse.
Robbie's dick is covered in puck after banging his girl.
via giphy
by Jeannie88 June 22, 2016
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