Pinoy57626: Dumbass.
by DamnRicers March 29, 2005
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The way of spelling for people who can't spell the word filipino correctly.
PERSON A: Philippinos are cool!
PERSON B: Don't you mean "filipino" ?
by Jon-jon September 20, 2006
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The way an idiot tells you to spell 'Filipino' even when you're of (partial) Filipino descent and have known how to spell it ever since you could read.
~Given scenario: conversation over text~

P1: Hey! My Filipino cousins are coming to town, we're going to lunch on Saturday. Wanna come?
P2: Sure. Btw thats not how u spell philippino
P1: I'm half Filipino and I've known how to spell it my entire life. It's spelled with an F.
P2: Well I mean philippines is spelled with a ph so its spelled philippino
P1: FUCKING DUMBASS. Alright, nvm. Just forget I said anything. I'm not inviting you.
by Sarcastic_Dickhead December 29, 2017
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A Philippino footlong is an Asian/Philippino man’s penis that is 1 foot/ 12 inches long.
Person 1- did you hear that Andrew has a Philippino footlong?

Person 2- makes sense, he’s Philippino.
by Adam Standley January 28, 2019
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When you let smegma build up and then turn it into a crisp cracker and feed it to your pal
by Skinny_ßenis March 8, 2018
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