Noun. Someone who's irritating and/or annoying. Lessens or ruins a situation.
"Billy's really irritating tonight. He's such a fucking puck."
by Squatchology February 19, 2016
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used as a verb... to rapidly launch hockey pucks at one's face and then scream "you got pucked!"
(smack! smack!) AHHHH stop the bleeding!
by brilliant brad February 25, 2004
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don't eat too many of them pucks, they'll make you green.
by J Marek January 11, 2004
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Puck; is an irish colloquial for the word 'picked'. Often use in rural or culcthie/munchie areas. Used casually in normal language.
Laura puck her bag up of the ground.
I just puck my phone from the shop.
by Pucked woman October 24, 2011
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Italian slang word, short for puckalina or puckalucy. A puck is another name for a vagina or pussy. Good to use when you don't want others to know what your talking about in public.

"Shit, what's that smell? Maybe it's coming from your puck!"

"I can't believe that big headed baby came out of that woman's puck".
by slimshadey January 16, 2010
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Noun. Commonly used in Cape Breton, NS to describe a punch in the face.

C,mere bye! I'm gonna give you a puck in the face.
by Cha2007 January 04, 2007
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A derogatory term for Canadians. Not that it exists already, I just think it would be cool to start a new term. Also, I have met a few people who don't know the term canuck. Puck, because it's the main point of interest in hocket, a predominantly Canadian sport.
Can you believe this puck, if I hear him say eh again, I'll kick his ass.
by alan June 14, 2004
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