Adj; one who is an unattractive overweight or obese person often labeled by others as a drunk, one who frequents bars, or acts as though under the influence of alcohol. Often only have social lives on internet chat rooms and forums.
Look at that pubby;cant decide if he needs to sober up or get a plastic surgeon!
by sonofabird July 10, 2008
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An online computer game setup where all the players are picked at random and/or the game allows any person to join. This has the downside of encountering immature players and/or players who leave before the game is finished.
That TOB pubbie sucked, all my teammates left before we even started.
by Dark Sage March 04, 2004
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I wanted to go down on Debby until I saw her pubby.

Yo, you wanna go fishin' for some pubby later?
by Pubby God February 06, 2018
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When in a public area, getting a half erect penis also known as a "chubby" being somewhat visible to the naked eye and you at that moment feel shame.
I hope she doesn't come up and say Hi to me. This pubby I have is too fierce.
by The Zack Dahlia Murder June 07, 2017
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Chris: dude i shaved my pubbies today
Mike: what the fuck man i dont want to know about your bush!
by bambooxbangax July 27, 2008
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someone who goes to public school; something that characterizes someone who goes to public school-not necessarily a bad thing...
person 1: look at her new acrylic nails...
person 2: oh my gosh, those are so pubby...
by goldie January 19, 2005
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A Republican, esp. an extremely conservative one
Those pubbies are at it again!
Why can't that pubby understand that tax cuts for the highest 1% equate to pain for the nation.
by D.B. August 24, 2003
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