1. The act of visiting several different pubs, clubs, or bars.

2. A gaming term, meant to join and play on public game servers.
1. The girls went pubbin last night, but still didn't get to visit all the clubs.

2. My brother and I spent the day pubbin since we didn't have our own private server.
by Bsmith May 25, 2007
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To cram an incessant amount of Pub Cheese down your throat, in a manner that makes everyone feel uncomfortable.
-Dude, Fred doesn't look good
-Yeah, he's been pubbin' all night!
by Soda Pop Joe May 24, 2012
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Negative term, given to those whose actions are noobish, and will never be good in any form of life...
(Tony F. Pwned By Swamp Rat) ...<<PUBBIN
by Nubslayer PK May 07, 2006
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