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e - meaning online
peen - short for penis

A person's ego, pertaining exclusively to their online personality.

e.g. a big e-peen = a big online ego.

Unlike rl-peens (i.e. a real life penis), e-peens are 'flexed', brandished, whipped around, (or otherwise used) with unfailing regularity.

Another difference between e-peens and rl-peens are that e-peens can shrink and grow exorbitantly, i.e. more than a regular penis would with an erection.
By saying that all those players are nubs, you are just flexing your e-peen.
by Graft December 13, 2007
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The new We Came As Romans albums is chock full of bonerjams.
by lpvitus October 28, 2009
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internet slang for ego, pride, or attitude in the virtual world. long standing net definition for the age old "bigger penis" arguement.
"SW III was nothing but a bunch of Lucas e-p33n."

"I just slaughtered 28 people in that game of Battlefield 2 and never died. Man my e-p33n feels huge."
by Morfus August 16, 2005
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short for electronic penis, this is used for losers on the internet to try and boost their self esteem by using a facticious item such as the epeen, usually refered to in size.
my epeen is bigger than yours
did you see the size of his epeen?
by ~.~ May 22, 2004
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v. used to describe the act of showing off or stroking one's own ego, esp. with regard to computer game prowess.
1337s4v10r: U l00zrz just bitch coz u dont no how 2 play ur toons rite!!!11 lern 2 play, fuktards!!one11
casual_gamer: There's always some asshole e-peening on this forum <ignore button>.
by Jaded, but Dreaming February 18, 2009
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(noun) short for "Electronic PEnis ENlargement".
Behavior quite commonly found on online discussion boards or similar, where some looser tries to establish his superiority - and thus the merit of his or her opinion - by stating how skilled and awesome he or she is, rather than forming a sound argument.
Generally also used to condescendingly refer to someones ego.
Looser: blah blah blah - and then I completed the game in one day. You are obviously inferior and should kiss the ground I walk on and accept my every word as a divine truth.
Rival: Don't pay any attention to the looser with the huge epeen!
by tveon October 20, 2007
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Equipment Potency EquivalencE Number.

Or just EPEEN. A joke made by Blizzard on April Fools 2010. Later made into an actual add-on you can use in-game. It measures your gear and displays your EPEEN bar above your characters head as well as measuring the surrounding character's EPEEN. The higher your EPEEN score is; the bigger the EPEEN bar is.
Your epeen is too low to whisper this character. As seen on one of the pictures on the World of Warcraft site.
by ohemgeeitsyou April 05, 2010
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