One of the coolest and least-often used words.


v - to rule or govern; to have authority over.
n - the period of time during which one person or
body rules.

In the off chance that you happen to bear the name Reign, you are win. You are magnanimous and humble; subtle and striking; personable and passionate. You have all the charm and chivalry needed to woo and seduce others, but your strong morality keeps you above the smut and douche-baggery of day-to-day life. Others look up to you without knowing why - you have an air of mystery about you, even though you are incredibly open and sincere. You, sir or madam, possess a richness of spirit which others can only begin to grasp, yet you keep a level head. You are the essence of win.
The kings reign, though short, proved to be prosperous for both the people and the governance.

The queen had reigned for many years now, and those who had questioned her potency as a leader now found themselves proven wrong.
by TheyCallMeReign February 2, 2010
Reign is a beautiful intelligent and talented girl. Finding someone like her is like finding a unicorn, she’s caring, passionate, loving, and kind. But don’t take her for granted
Have you seen reign today
Yeah, she was reading to kids at the library
by TheAlexFactor August 4, 2019
Reign is a badass she smart but she got all the friends and aint afraid to speak her mind to nobody and for sure aint afraid of nobody, she has power and she does use it. if you meet a Reign ( which is rare) know that she is not the one to be tested she can go from and angel to a devil in less than 2.7 seconds
shay: you heard Reign almost got suspended cuz the teacher yelled at her so she yelled back
dray: i can belive it Reign is not the one fo play play
by The Real influence November 5, 2019
Something cool, worthy of further notice, interesting, above average. Awesome. Chosen because of its bitchin' spelling and pronunciation.
Hey man, this reigns! I am the reigning philomath!
by Rieklaand Kirkpatrick XVII September 11, 2003
To take over and conquer places. Kings or rulers reigned over kingdoms. (Bitch Where)
Bad person who likes himself. Fun and rough guy. Dumb and
by PussyDestroyer2.0 May 14, 2019
An anime based on the life of Alexander the Great, but in a Codpieceified futuristic setting. Chock full of hints of Alexander's ity, wierd geometric shapes that can destroy the world, and Aristotle with a mohawk.
King Darius has a pimpin' theme.
by Some Guy October 4, 2003
It sucks because it was made by the same faggot who created Aeon Flux for MTV.
Reign sucks dog-shit through a straw.
by anime sucks October 13, 2003