An extension of a limb, normally recieved through loss of a limb in an accident.
The man needed a prosthetic leg because his was blown off in the war.
by DefinitionsFortheSoul November 24, 2009
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Artificial limbs that attach to the shoulders of an armless person, that point with index fingers towards the anus while in a doggy-style position.
I can't wait to butt fuck my armless old lady tonight, I just bought her a new pair of prosthetic asspointers.
by Brian Lehigh April 28, 2009
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A prosthetic penis made up of plastic paddle pop sticks (mainly yellow).
1. Damn....I'm so sick of getting yellow sticks for the prosthetic stick
2. It's prosthetic stick time
by Michael Nick Hammer May 06, 2009
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A dildo for men who have faulty "equipment"
Rudolph Giuliani must use a prosthetic penis, since he can't get it up. Funny how he needs to use a fake dick, when he happens to be a real dick!
by Amaretto Kramer November 28, 2006
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Happy Electronic Prosthetic (HEP) is a small computerized gadget like a cellphone, PDA, wristwatch etc. also known as a "Personal Electronic Thingy". frequently worn, or attached to womens faces while driving.
I used to carry a datebook and a bag phone... now that I have my Happy Electronic Prosthetic, I can keep track of my appointments, text message my GF and play tetris all through class!
by JonnyPhenomenon November 01, 2005
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Winning an award without deserving it. Not to be confused with "prestigious award".
Well, it's just a prosthetic award because he's married to the CEO's daughter.
by Pinkie525 October 30, 2010
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