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Considered a swear word by many Canadians, attained this status after a (second) failed attempt by Stephen Harper to halt democracy
Don't prorogue, get back to work ... you lazy bastard
by Canadian1 January 23, 2010
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1) A cowardly move that will possibly be made in Canada by a idiot of a man, Stephen Harper, aka the Canadian Prime Minister.

2) A decision that could be made to save his own ass, when in reality, he begins to look like a fool. The New Democratic Party - Bloc Quebecois - Liberal coalition has a far better chance than any half-baked stupidity filled party like the Conservatives.
"Oh no, I think my government may topple. I think I'll prorogue and save my ass, even if I look like a fool." - Harper-ese.
by polisci December 03, 2008
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To promote the machiavellian ambitions of a rogue.
The Prime minister prorogued parliament to prevent opposition to his scheme.
by Twigletboy August 29, 2019
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A politically astute move that can be accomplished when there is no real opposition and the general public just wants to get on with life.
The prime minister prorogued parliament when Canadians decided to hibernate early.
by harburn11 January 07, 2010
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suspend democracy for three months so you can run a campaign, block parliamentary inquests, and still get paid
Ms Keneally conceded she had ''made a mistake'' by proroguing, or shutting down, Parliament days before Christmas. She denied it was aimed at blocking the inquiry but admitted she had underestimated public interest in the inquiry.

Last night, a spokesman for the Premier claimed it was too difficult to reverse Ms Keneally's decision on December 22 to prorogue Parliament, which the Premier insists had nothing to do with trying to shut down the power inquiry. "We cannot unprorogue Parliament. You can't," the spokesman said. "This is the best possible way of doing it. This is 100 per cent openness and transparency."
by em2011 February 22, 2011
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Traditional action performed by the Canadian Prime Minister every year in mid-winter, to avoid the chilly daily commute.
"It's not supposed to get above -20 for the next week"
"Good time to prorogue, then"
by I'm amused January 20, 2010
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