Best persons in the world are born in this date, they are shy and trustable with secrets.
Let's celebrate oir friend birthday . December 22
by The best december 22 April 22, 2019
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On this day, the most perfect beings were born
Them: you were born on the 22nd of December?

You: Indeed I was

Then: wow, I am amazed at how perfect you are

December 22
by TheAbsoluteLegendOfAllLegends October 16, 2019
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It’s December 22 you know what that means, it’s time for you to shine my short friend
by Joeee420 December 23, 2019
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Kill all the vsco girl with one punch
December 22. You see vsco girl punch them in their face,stomach,ass,neck,and body
by Dog face October 28, 2019
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December 22 is National yes day for your bsf/bf/gf. Basically today is when you can ask your gf/bf/bsf to do whatever and they have to say yes.
Guy: can i have a hug
Girl: No, im not in the mood
Guy: its december 22, its yes day
Girl: okay whatever. *gives hug*
by Jayleen Jones December 13, 2021
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