probably; used as a txt or chat abbreviation
friend: u goin 2 c eclipse?
you: i wud prolly cut my dick off b4 seein that shit
by T_1 July 1, 2010
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A word you can use for anything , to either piss someone off , or if you don’t know what to say
Nick is so annoying when he says ya prolly
by Ya prolly nick o March 20, 2019
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An excellent response that can mean "yes" to the most extreme extent or "No" to the most extreme extent.
My brother: Can we go to radio shack to buy a new mouse?

Me: Yea Prolly

(as you see I am actually sitting here on urban dictionary with no intention to get his mouse, yet i have effectively answered his question and he has shut the fuck up.)
by SneakyBadness May 8, 2009
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This is a term used by cave creek 'bros' or 'breas' It is used loosely but usually is replacing the world yes or probably. Can be shortened to just 'prolly' but so not as hardcore. If you say this you should drink alot, wear bandanas, have SRH snickered up cars, and either be or have bro hoes.
Bro 1: Are you going to Jenns sick party?
Bro2: Prolly. Prolly a fish. You?
by HanCan September 3, 2008
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is the shortened version of probably it can also be used in a nother way meaning "probibility" instead of probably (auctually I created this word, maby not first but it definetly came out of my head
i would prolly pwn u at renegade...

ex2) the prolly of them making a comeback now is really low
by bubba2x4 September 8, 2008
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What you should be doing right now.
Joe: What are you supposed to be doing?
Bob: Prolly work.
by The radioactive rahr-monster January 29, 2009
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Not likely to happen; odds are against it; don't count on it
Him showing up on time is at best... low prolly. Biden giving out helicopter money again has a low prolly of making it through Senate.
by mostdiggity February 13, 2021
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