When some otherwise civilised person - breaks loose from their norm and does not give two fucks about convention.
"Did you hear, Dave went on some bender and passed out in a ditch before his Cambridge interview last night?" "Surely not... Dave's usually all straight A's." "Clearly not any more, renegade Dave has taken over"
by renegade dave December 23, 2015
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a motherfucking outcast who care not about what anybody thinks or says about him
vic is a fucking renegade
by mchizi March 14, 2017
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1. a rebel, an outlaw
2. a tightazz song
never been afraid to say
wutz on my mind at
any given time of day
kuz i'm a RENEGADE!
never been afraid to talk about
by dirrrty south November 14, 2003
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n. (ren-i-gayd)
1. a person who performs reckless activities, often with complete disregard for the considerations of others.
2. About 10x reckless.
Example 1
Friend 1: "Look at that reckless cunt over there with a machete."
Friend 2: "Stay back, he looks like a renegade, might be hostile"

Example 2
Person 1: "Why are your pupils so wide?"
Renegade: "I'm fucking beaming, cunt."
by steinlic January 16, 2014
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Rave slang for a party that is thrown illiegally and without a permit, usually by tresspassing on a site such as a warehouse, old building, construction site, or in nature.
I went to a phat renegade last nite under the Park Presidio overpass.
by nomadicDJ September 30, 2003
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a ho with no guidance
that ho was tryna be a renegade, so a pimp slapped her down
by JusBidness September 13, 2007
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some stupid dance that like almost every girl knows off by heart by sweating off tik tok
Brenda: hehe I know the renegade!!
Charli: well I'm better!!
Sally: fuck both of you I know the savage dance
by 3$mon$3 April 20, 2020
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