Basically, it's just a simple way to say "probably" for lazy ass people :)
-where is kevin?
- she's prolly fucking a random person from the gay bar
by uL1rCh September 29, 2022
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-Do you know where's Cody?
-He's prolly playing some pc games
by Huxleyn October 8, 2019
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Another way of saying "probably"
other variations include: Proly, Prob, Probly
user1: man, I hope my crush likes me.
user2: she prolly does bro, I overheard her talk about you
user1: wow! I'm so happy.
by SSPrincess June 17, 2022
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A slang of word used typically by people who are immature, and unready to face real life.
Besides, I'm prolly more mature than you.
by Inmaturekids69 October 27, 2018
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How Post Malone says "probably" in the song Better Now. Often said to look cool, or when was is overly drunk or high, and they are slurring their words.
Post: "You prolly think that you are better now, better now"
by drizzygod69 August 11, 2018
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referring to the word 'Probably' or Short for the word 'Probably'
Made up and not grammatical whatsoever.
I am prolly gonna have to turn in to bed soon, I gotta be up very early tomorrow.
by Reallybadgenius May 24, 2022
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