"im gunna fuck this bitch tonight"

"yea you prolly gunna fuck dat bitch"
by GETLIKEME22 December 21, 2006
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to think you are something but not. the opposite of what you portray yourself as.
That fag is prolly good at everything.
by caarl June 13, 2008
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i prolly wont have any money next month to hang out with you.
by itsnikki21 July 3, 2009
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1: Will, 2: Most Likely, 3: Going To..
I'll prolly hit ya up tonight if I hear about a party..
by broranasuarsrex September 16, 2010
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going to be done or has already been done.
I'll prolly go to the store before I come home.
by PCLawman February 17, 2008
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