A person who intentionally sets himself or herself up to be an accident victim, in order to collect liability insurance settlements from others.
The insurance investigator discovered that the pedestrian Mr. Wheeler's car had struck was a "professional victim," a retired circus acrobat, who'd been in fourteen similar "accidents," and in every case, he had recovered completely within a week of receiving the insurance settlement.
by hbquikcomjamesl March 25, 2010
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Someone who always thinks people are attacking her. She also fakes illnesses or ailments to get attention. Ex. Godlesswh_re
Man. Godlesswh_re is a professional victim,she is claiming the covid vaccine is giving her seizures.
by Pissypanda January 4, 2021
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Any individual who makes visible, or becomes known for sharing negative personal experiences, or works to facilitate others to share there own experiences through means such as websites.

Nearly always used to refer to women, it is a common retort to discredit those who speak publicly about rape, or sexual harassment.
When bob saw women sharing their experiences on an internet forum, he was disgusted that anyone would be given attention for showing weakness. As he angrily started typing responses he thought to himself "I'll show these professional victims what happens, when you speak openly about uncomfortable topics".
by Jim McMoppet June 23, 2015
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This is an umbrella term used to describe the, the ones who dye their hair blue/green/pink, have a lot of pricings and get offended by everything and use phrases u are a bigot and an ableist, they also have no common sense and are "woke"
bro these Professional Victims man
by the woke lord January 20, 2023
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One who feigns helplessness to garner support, sympathy or attention, usually the "I'm so helpless" female trope,
but if you call them on it, will then attempt to turn it back on you, saying "YOU'RE the problem."
1: How's your relationship with Meg going?
2: Yeah... Called her out on not texting me back for a week... She said I shouldn't "pressure her" and "Her life was hard" and "I should understand"
1: HOLY SHIT... She went "Professional Victim"?
2: Yep... TOTALLY.
by Conscious Thinker February 27, 2023
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