Hey, congratulations! You spelled probably wrong. But that's okay, the correct spelling is P R O B A B L Y. If you are having a hard time remembering it, I remember words in chunks. Probably is pro and bably in my brain.
"That's probally true."
"Hey, did you just spell probably wrong?"

"Yeah, stupid autocorrect."
What do you mean? We are having this conversation in person!"
by Dinner Food September 28, 2020
Kind hearted, gentle, very pure soul. Known to be very rebellious at times. Very caring if something harms their family or friend they will protect them. Also known to be a very passionate kisser
by Bailey202_ July 19, 2017
In short it means Premature Ejaculation.
To be said very quickly, deeply & softly
"So what seems to be the problem"
by Andy J March 25, 2005
The act of probing, but pretending you are a crab on the beach.
Were you probaling that candidate during their interview?

-Nah bruh
by SuckasBeSuckas August 20, 2018
A paintball term, used for someone with exceptionally good paintball skills, and one with a awsome paintballer marker, most proballers shoot ICD markers, and most of the time they really never play, they just play 2-3 times a year and somehow "own everyone" on the field.
"That proballer with the b2k2 WITH PDS, just owned the field!"
by Bobby Dukes March 18, 2005