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When you ejaculate over someone's cereal, making it nice, white and frosty. Like frosted flakes. Then they eat it without noticing.
Person 1: Dude Jasmine ate some frosted flakes from Tommy yesterday.
Person 2: Dude Epic!
by Anonymous2110 May 26, 2010
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Someone who is known for constantly backing out on plans ("flaking"), often for reasons that are flimsy and/or somewhat insulting ("frosty").
"My friend was supposed to come visit me in the hospital after my round of chemo, but then she called at the last minute to say she couldn't afford to waste her gas on the drive up. I don't know what I was expecting anyway, she's totally frosted flakes."
by Time Lord November 08, 2009
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Dried, typically flakey, cum or come on an individual(s) body after ejaculation. They are common on hair and renown for the inability to wash/remove them on first attempt.
Darin took three showers but the frosted flakes on his chest were unusually obstinate and flakey.
by RobertoGville April 22, 2008
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When you nut and don't clean everything up, so it dries up and becomes flakey.
I should've cleaned up my frosted flakes before my family came over.
by jumpy cowboy February 24, 2017
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When a girl has pubic dandruff and you ejaculate onto her flaky crotch.
Jessica wanted to use Head and Shoulders anti-dandruff on her vag but I suggested we try getting kinky by frosting her flakes. After I was done I suggested Frosted Flakes to a good friend who also had dandruff
by Croblse December 18, 2014
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Another way to say something is "Grrrrrrreat" without sounding like an imbecile.
"Man, 'The Incredibles' was the frosted flakes, dude."
"Grow up, man, you're 25."
by Eljay April 11, 2005
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Someone who is consistently bailing on plans that are supposed to occur before noon.
"So why couldn't he meet us this morning?"

"I'm not sure man, he is such a frosted flake."
by Radmire April 19, 2010
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