The process of showing how high you are, typically for someone that’s retarded af
“Yo we printed out here cuh, come join the circle fam and stop cappin
by Jsup11 February 28, 2020
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To get printed is to get filmed or photographed while having open sex or for a man to spray on top of a photocopier.
When Brianna and Johnny were trying to enjoy some sex, they realised that they were getting printed.
by Harry Toba February 03, 2014
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The imprint of one's penis and or genitals, visible through tight pants or clothing.
"Yo, I can see yo 'print!"
by Weiler November 20, 2004
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When you are carrying a gun, knife, any weapon concealed, but it prints through thinner layers of clothing.
I was carrying a big pistol this afternoon; big mistake. It got hot, I took off my jacket and it started printing through my shirt.
by ChCx91 February 01, 2011
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Pronounced "prinnit", usually following "so what?", means don't worry about it or it's all good. Very casual and very hip.
"Dude, my girlfriend broke up with me last might."
"So what? Print it! She was a whore anyways."
by Christofurr January 22, 2009
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A visible indication that someone is carrying a concealed firearm. IE: An abnormal bulge under the armpit or in the waistband.
Hey - see the guy in the Hawaiian shirt? Looks like he's printing, he's probably packing under there.
by strangesibby April 29, 2009
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Wall Street trader slang for:
1) To print a ticket, i.e. make a trade or seal the deal
2) To have sex with a woman - seal the deal
(on the trading floor)
Karen Hooker (Merrill Lynch trader): "I'll sell you 1000 shares of Motel 6 stock for $50 apiece."
Chris Taylor (Bear Stearns trader): "Done! Print that!"
Karen: "I'll also sell you long positions on Google, Blackstone, and Merrill, and a short position on Bear Stearns."
Chris: "I'll take it all! Oh yeah! Money money money money!!!"

(later at Chris' home)
Chris' wife: "How was your day? Why are you home so late?"
Chris: "Well, there was this girl - Hooker, actually. You know, the old Motel 6 deal. I totally printed that shit! She gave it up for only 50 bucks! Then she got me in all these positions and I must have printed four or five more times! Damn I'm tired from all that action. I'm hitting the sack."
Chris' wife: ***SMACK!!!*** "Get out now! How could you do this to your loving wife and poor little children?"
by Nicholas D June 23, 2007
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