A cult religion based on caffeine and baked goods. I swear they put something in that coffee.
I won't be able to make it through this morning without my Tim Hortons.
by Beth Robertson November 8, 2003
The primary destination in the morning for 80% of Canada's adult population. Every community should have a minimum of two Tim Horton's. You go there so often, the employees already know what to order.
"Welcome to Tim Hortons, can I take your order?"

"Yeah, I'll have a-"

"A medium double-double and a chocolate chip muffin, next window please."

"... thank you!"
by canadianguyeh September 12, 2009
best coffee this side of the prime meridian; yet another Canadian enterprise assimilated by a huge American multi-billion dollar conglomerate (Wendy's bought out the chain in the late '90s).
by javaman November 7, 2003
The President of Canada. That's right. Tim Hortons owns Canada. And we couldn't be more happy.
U.S.A. has Obama, Canada has Tim Hortons!!

Who are we going to turn to for our economic problems? Timmy's!!
by Cobes February 17, 2010
T im
H ortons
C offee

Wake and bake
Gotta get me some TCH Tim Hortons Coffee
by im1uponu February 3, 2010
A coffe and baked goods chain based in Canada.
Wanna go to Tim Hortons?
by Anonymous March 25, 2003
Tim Hortons is a fast food chain in Canada that supplies coffee, donuts, and a variety of other food options. At the height of their popularity, Tim Hortons was known as the go to destination for good food, but more importantly, good coffee.

Tim Hortons changed ownership in 2014. Burger King's parent company purchased the Canadian icon.

After the acquisition Tim Hortons made changes which ultimately lead to the companies demise.

Tom Hortons is a Canadian icon that sold out. A company that sells watered down coffee, questionable food, and worker rights that are non-existent. The company is now seen as a Canadian meme. A brand with poor reception that is continuously displayed in social media.
Thomas: Yuck, this coffee I'm drinking is terrible!

Danielle: Where's it from?

Thomas: Tim Hortons

Danielle: They have terrible coffee! I haven't been there in years.

Thomas: I was desperate!
by Oanid March 19, 2020