What everyone seems all surprised at for virtually no reason. I mean, you had unprotected sex, what do you think is gonna happen?
*Person 1 and person 2 have sex*
*1 month later*
Person 1: I’m pregnant.
Person 2: WHAT?!?!

Person 1: Well what did you think was going to happen, the cure for cancer? Sex causes pregnancy, idiot.
by Kitten Corp. June 16, 2018
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The state of being pregnant or,
The essence of someone who's pregnant
Used to describe the mood swings associated with pregnancy.
More elegant form of the slang "preggo"
Example one: My wife exists in a state of pregnance, worried about what she eats and drinks to protect the fetus.

Example two: "She's acting really bitchy lately, then she cries out of no where, must be that pregnance"
by GRINGOJS August 23, 2023
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Something women do to get rid of their periods !! yes it works, you should 100% try it !!😃
ugh im tired of cramping, im going to try pregnancy to get rid of them .
by Teggatail September 16, 2020
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If you are reading and you or your partner is expecting then keep reading.

Take this pregnancy seriously, it's never too soon to start his/her college funds. Eat healthy foods and get exercise (recommended during 1-2 trimesters) Joint pain can happen so go for a nice relaxing swim but not in jacuzzis, too much heat is bad for the baby. Remember ur baby is in ur tummy one of the warmest spots of ur body.
Try to relax as much as often. Your entire pregnancy is going to be exhausting. Make sure you take vitamins. U can ask ur doctor about those.
Remember when your beautiful baby is older he or she is going to make lots of mistakes. It's ur job to make sure they learn from them the proper way.

Give them some space, (I'm 17 and my mum still doesn't give me any space ) especially if they are mad. Approach the topic later on.

Do your best to control your own anger as well. If they see u burst in flames due to anger they will think it's ok therefore following ur path.
Set an example...you are his/ her romodel.
If u have made it thus far then u can tell children are not an easy task. But it's not always hard either. Nobody is going to be the perfect parents but if u try your best, they will let u know ur doing good ( not verbally) Always remember kids are going to say things that can hurt ur feelings but trust me they don't mean it.
Pregnancy can be an amazing part in your life
by Beastriles January 19, 2019
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You are indeed, my friend, 100% Totally screwed.
Please Bitch Don't say your pregnant.Fuck I'm off to the pub
by Big Dave (Yeah Go on MUG ME) February 25, 2004
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Depending on the female's age, it be a good moment or a bad moment. If the women is married it's a good moment but for some teenage girls it's usually viewed as a bad moment. There are however a few teenage girls that view it as a good moment. Nevertheless teenage pregnancy is increasing so if you want to have sex but not want to get pregnant use a condom and/or birth control or a second form of protection
pregnancy leads to the birth of a life. Abortion is killing an innocent life
by Jdude346 March 18, 2006
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