Pregnant. Its just slang for being pregnant. Its shorter than saying pregnant.
All my friends are preggo, its mating season.
by gzp September 28, 2004
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preggo: person who is in a sex video when pregnant
on our site you get all the preggo sluts you want!
by krapommeke October 11, 2004
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She's not fat, she's just preggo
by ujustwait84 September 11, 2003
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Slang for a MILF to be. It's in there!!!!
Have you seen Jenna in account...Preggo - It's in there
by Steve Holian November 1, 2006
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Slang used to describe one who has an especially flatulent belly
Andy: Caity are you preggo
Caity: No! Asshole!
Andy: Well sorry I was concerned about the bulge poking out your stomach
by Indii January 23, 2006
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When a women is pregnant or carrying a young fetes in her hands and she also likes eat toenails
that women over there is preggo
by k1dd1e f1ddler March 16, 2021
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bruh i aint even pull out, i know she preggos
by KEENAN October 1, 2003
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