The art of having sexual intercourse in a very violent and aerobic manor.
Boy am I sore! Me and pam portwood did some Power Fucking last night.
by SBD March 27, 2005
To fuck a woman hard.
To fuck a woman quickly.
To get energized by fucking a woman.
To lose over 1000 calories!
To fuck the shit out of a woman.
To break a bed.
Tim said, "Man, I could sure go for a power fuck."
Martha "Excuse me?"
by GadgetFucker August 16, 2009
Term denoting the vigorous, rapid, almost violent pelvic thrusting commonly seen in the middle of sex scenes in pornographic movies. The phrase dates back to the glory days of "The Degenerates" of 4th floor / Beast Hall. "Power Fuck" has also been applied to describe any wild sex act.
"Man, you gotta borrow Frank's porn tape. There's a great power fuck in the middle of it!"
by Franklin Klaune September 7, 2004
To rapidly fuck with much vigor and force until one or both partners acheive orgasm.
He power fucked me so hard I have bruises on my thighs.
by sabtechian August 12, 2009
loud, drunken, catchy, nude
all of these words are used when describing melbournes finest
a high energy must see band melbourne based band
power fuck yeah!
did u see power fuck at the evelyn on wednseday?
yeah man dude on stage whiped his cock out, and i think the bassist puked at one point
by loverofpower February 28, 2011
A good fucking or high level of sexual activity. Not as high a level as a G5 uber fuck. Can also be said as just G4
Dude dont' even go for a G4, she's just a tub of lard.

I'm gona G4 the slut in our grade tomarrow.
by alex April 4, 2005

Refers to someone with a oral piercing (typically tongue) who can only drink soup during downtime of healing.
She finna eat that pussy real good with her new vibrating tongue ring, what a soup powered fuck machine.
by Juanalbanes28 November 21, 2022