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To fuck a woman hard.
To fuck a woman quickly.
To get energized by fucking a woman.
To lose over 1000 calories!
To fuck the shit out of a woman.
To break a bed.
Tim said, "Man, I could sure go for a power fuck."
Martha "Excuse me?"
by GadgetFucker August 16, 2009
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To have sexual intercourse with tremendous force and vigor.
When we really get going, and we're powerfucking, I often knock some shit off the nightstand.
by The Reamer June 23, 2004
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1.) To fuck a somebody with aggressive force.
2.) To brutalise a girls vagina
look bitch, shut your face... im going to powerfuck your brown box; -greekstud

Im going to powerfuck her monkey cunt! - T.H.F

would you like me to powerfuck you, and brutalise your cunt?
by Tony Hughes November 16, 2005
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Term denoting the vigorous, rapid, almost violent pelvic thrusting commonly seen in the middle of sex scenes in pornographic movies. The phrase dates back to the glory days of "The Degenerates" of 4th floor / Beast Hall. "Power Fuck" has also been applied to describe any wild sex act.
"Man, you gotta borrow Frank's porn tape. There's a great power fuck in the middle of it!"
by Franklin Klaune September 07, 2004
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To rapidly fuck with much vigor and force until one or both partners acheive orgasm.
He power fucked me so hard I have bruises on my thighs.
by sabtechian August 12, 2009
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Some people say it might be the sexual equivalent to 'powernap'.
I tried to google 'powerfuck' and all the sites came up in german, so it must be REALLY hardcore nasty!
by Mike21 January 07, 2005
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To fuck somebody with aggressive force in an attempt to show superiority over them
I so want to powerfuck that bitch at work, that would show her whose boss!
by Cozmoz December 18, 2009
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