Pronounced (p-ow) like cow. POW-POW.

This is what Dominican moms, aunts, babysitters, dads, uncles, god-mothers, god-fathers, sisters, brothers, grandmothers, grandfathers; pretty much every Dominican says to a small child when they're having a tantrum.

It's kind of a small punishment for young children that usually results in a slap to the hands/legs/butt.
American Mother to misbehaved child: "Kyle, stop it, or I'm going to have to put you in time out."

Dominican Mother to misbehaved child: "Anthony, stop it, or I'm going to give you a pow pow."
by spunkychick June 24, 2011
As When Roger on American Dad bends over and looks in the mirror and exclaims "I'm checking out my pow pow!"

The photographer asked to take pictures of my pretty pow pow so I had to spread my checks and hold them apart.

I can't sleep with the person in the next hostel bed popping his pow pow following his binge on burritos!
by La Da Dee May 8, 2011

1. (chiefly with reference to people) vigorous sexual activity, including specifically rough rapid sexual intercourse.
ex 1: "That whore machine can never get enough Pow Pow."
ex 2: "Damn yo, I gotta bust a sick nut, I need some serious POW POW!"
by Dildo d. Baggins August 24, 2013
a pharse shouted at the point of ejaculation during sexual intercourse, usually shouted by the man so that his mates will hear.

usually found being shouted by men in unversity halls.
by pow maverick pow March 21, 2010
A exclamatory phrase that reinforces a good time.
I was at an awesome bar tonight with so many hot chicks! Pow Pow!
by Nic98354 March 16, 2011
Inside pet name for a hot girl that when she's first seen, somebody inexplicably says "pow pow", and so it becomes her nickname. Typically used by a community of blue collar warehouse workers towards a really cute receptionist, but nobody else knows who it refers to.

Usually uttered to one another in an aroused tone and with a knowing nod, and nothing more is said.
First person: "Pow Pow"

Second person: "Pow Pow"

Third Person: "Oh man, you guys talking about Pow Pow, she's fucking hot."
by Com-Kyler November 12, 2009