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A bunch of annoying christian bitches neglected by their husbands when it comes to sex so they try and fill the void by obsessing over issues like homosexuality and abortion, spreading misinformation, hysteria and lies to promote their agenda! The more sex deprived they are, the more fanatical and zealous they get! They have some quacks working for them that claim to be experts on homosexuality. Where do you get a degree like that let alone certification?
Concerned Women for America (CWA) is a christian terrorist organization dedicated to subverting human rights, destroying democracy and perpetrating injustice toward other Americans in their quest to make our nation a theocracy based on biblical beliefs!!!!!
by La Da Dee June 18, 2007
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A. In the USA: A dangerous political movement dominated by right-wing conservative extremists and fanatics who use religion as a smoke-screen to intimidate, manipulate, control and hurt people and our government. They are bent on destroying our democracy and replacing it with a theocracy to have us live much like an oppressive country such as Iran where people have few if any rights and laws are dictated by religious leaders. They bully mainstream politicians much like gangsters to do their bidding and frequently take tirades when they don't get their way and make threats like in the Terri Schiavo case.

B. Describes an organizaton of usually mentally unstable social terrorists or fascists who try to dupe people into believing they only are following the will of god to justify their atrocious actions. They seek to take away your civil rights or deny them to you by manipulating the Republican party, through special legislation in Congress, amending state and federal constitutions, by manipulating the courts or pushing for ballot initiatives to decide your rights when all else fails. Their tactics and goals are much like the Nazi party's in Germany during WWII in regards to the Jews except they can't get away with mass murder here or establish concentration camps for groups they marginalize and detest. At least not yet.

C. Something that oppresses and marginalizes. Something that is intolerant. Something that imposes itself on your life like it or not. Something that is often in your face and shoved down your throat. Something that typically shows little if any compassion, love, respect or care for people that are different.

D. A religion whose followers mistakenly think they can invoke as an excuse to justify their actions against other people. They arrogantly believe their faith in itself trumps anything else including your privacy, civil rights or saftey. It's followers often use select bible passages to hurt others and justify their obnoxious behavior!

E. A religious movement of fanatics that thinks it can justify bombing abortion clinics or gay bars and killing innocent people in the name of faith much like a Muslim may think their faith justifies sucide-bombings that kill innocent people for different political reasons. They often like to scapegoat people. They pretend to fight for democracy while actually doing everything in their power to destroy or undermine it. They want people to be tolerant of them but refuse to tolerate anything or anyone that they claim is against their religious beliefs.
Everthing is Black and white to them. There is no compromise. They often try and justify their actions as freedom of religion and free speech while doing all in their power to stifle the free speech of people that disagree with them.
Christianity threatens our democracy by its followers attempts to replace it with a theocracy of the religious elite.

The Neo-nazis, KKK and militia men call themselves followers of christianity and use it to justify the horrific acts they commit against racial minorities, Jews and gays.

Hitler said he was like Jesus, a messiah of christianity fighting against the communists and Jews in Europe and the world. He subsequently murdered millions while many church leaders including the pope looked the other way to appease the Nazis and keep their power.

The fanatical christian preacher and his followers callously picketed the funeral of a gay man that was murdered holding up signs that read...GOD HATES FAGS and SODOMITES BURN IN HELL...all while the dead man's family and friends looked on in disgust and disbelief. A fine example of christianity and its compassion for others.

Christianity is responsible for the deaths of many people often women burned as witches who threatened the male-dominated hierarchy of the church!

Jews and Muslims who refused to convert or were accused of practicing their relgion in secret after converting to christianity were frequently tortured, forced into exile or murdered!

Homosexuals were frequently murdered by the church. Burning them at the stake was the typical form of execution because of the intolerance, ignorance and lack of compassion of christianity! The Knights Templar were murdered by the Pope and a European king for practicing homosexuality but in reality the murderers feared their power and wanted their gold!
by La Da Dee October 26, 2005
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A. Any right-wing conservative pushing their extremist agenda in your face.
B. In America, typically a right-wing member of the GOP.
C. In America, An in-your-face christian extremist.
D. On the radio, Rush Limbaugh

Henry: He's a right-wing conserative.
John: You mean he's an asshole?
Henry: You got that right.

by La Da Dee October 24, 2005
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An offensive pejorative term for a low class Cuban or someone who is acting like one. Refers to the fact that Cubans like to eat black beans. Such Cubans may stink of ass gas. When they do, you can hear them coming before you see them since they tend to fart a great deal. They show little if any class and are often rude and obnoxious. They are very loud and like to draw attention to themselves. They frequently have very poor hygiene. They many not use deodorant and may wear ratty clothing.

Often they are really narrow-minded and highly opinionated. You can't reason with them. Some might argue justifiably that they have little intellect or are just plain dumb. They frequently are condescending towards other Latin Americans, non-whites and non-Americans neglecting the fact that they are immigrants themselves with diverse racial backgrounds. In fact, the white Cubans see themselves as better than the non-white Cubans in general. Their arrogance typically leads them to believe incorrectly that somehow they are better than anyone else.

They hate it when non-Cubans know something that they don't know because it makes them look and feel less educated and superior. Because many of them are too lazy to get a degree, they knock down people who have one thinking that they can easily step into someone's job and do it because they are Cuban.

They also hate it when someone can speak Spanish better than they can especially if they are not Cuban but from some other Spanish-speaking country. It defies their airs of superiority.
Those Black Beaners woke us up, farting in chorus the Cuban national Anthemn outside our window one morning in Miami.

Juan who is not Cuban, but has a job as an analyst which required a degree. Antonio, who is Cuban, doesn't have a degree. However, Antonio believes that if it weren't for the degree requirement, he could easily do Juan's job with some training. Antonio has the bad attitude of a Black Beaner.

Antonio later lied his way into a job claiming skills and knowledge he didn't have, using a phony degree certificate he bought. He got interview tips from Juan in what to say which landed him the job. However, soon Antonio's arrogance and ego gave way to reality as he couldn't deliver on the job. He was fired soon thereafter. What a typical Black Beaner.

A los Cuba-Lingas le gusta masturbar sus pingas, which is the same as saying that Black Beaners like to play with their weaners.
by La Da Dee November 23, 2005
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As When Roger on American Dad bends over and looks in the mirror and exclaims "I'm checking out my pow pow!"

The photographer asked to take pictures of my pretty pow pow so I had to spread my checks and hold them apart.

I can't sleep with the person in the next hostel bed popping his pow pow following his binge on burritos!
by La Da Dee May 07, 2011
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A Puerto Rican Urban Professional. Well educated and financially comfortable if not affluent. Hard working, reliable and very intelligent. Quite accomplished and skilled at what he or she does. Most often able to speak both English and Spanish but may know more languages. Most likely has at least a bachelors degree and a professional career. May have advanced degrees or certifications. Likes to dress well and has cultured tastes in food and music and is intereted in the pursuit of the finer things in life. Often well traveled. May drive an upscale car. Contributes to the improvement of humankind whenever possible.
Carlos is a lawyer and his wife Marta is a doctor. They were born in Puerto Rico but grow up in New York. They are Pruppies.

Elba was born in the US but her parents are from Puerto Rico. She studied finance in college and now works as a stock broker while her brother Paul who went to the same school is now a Retirement Consultant serving the latino community. They are Pruppies settting a great example for their own kids!

Jaime is an engineer. He is such a Pruppie. He has season tickets to the opera, likes wine tasting and drives a BMW. He also is fluent in four foreign languages including French, Italian and Japanese which he learned while stationed in those countries while in the military.
by La Da Dee November 10, 2005
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Something annoyingly referenced by religious extremists to justify in their narrow minds all the irrational, illogical, vicious and malicious things they do to other people. It is abused as a free pass like the race card to legitimize the actions of such extremists.
My faith as a good christian invokes upon me to bomb the abortion clinics in America and kill all the living inside them to save the lives of the unborn.

As a muslim, my faith requires that I suicide bomb and kill innocent people to further my righteous causes.

My faith as a nazi requires that I wage a racial holy war to subjugate the non-white masses and execute the Jews.

America needs to wake up to the fact that in a society governed by secular laws, we cannot allow religious extremists to invoke faith as a means to bypass such laws and impose their views upon the rest of us!

Intelligent design is a matter of faith and not science. It should only be taught at Sunday schools not public schools funded by tax dollars.

The christian preacher called upon the US President to assasinate the leftist Venezuelan President and justified it as a matter of defending his faith from communism and America from terrorism.

The christian uses the premise of faith to manipulate and scare everyone into denying gay Americans their civil rights so they can oppress and discriminate against them.
by La Da Dee November 18, 2005
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