Substitutional word for almost anything.
As ussed for cigarettes, diet paps (Sodas), doo doo browns, and or sexual related fun and or motions.
"dude lets go smoke a pow pow"

"Sir would you be at all bothered if I stole your girlfriends pow pow, for I am parched."

"Man, did I ever get some sweet pow pow last night whils I waxed that ass!"

**Be creative with this word, and have fun with it.
by Justin March 26, 2004
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lethal bizzle- pow pow

a song with sum heavy lyrics blad

bring some beef and lose some teef
if you wanna brings arms out ill bring arms out to your mums house !!!

bladds who do happy slaps slap their targets to this sick choon
pow pow !!!!
i am gonna blaps u onda head blad
by MrW January 31, 2005
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When you win a hand in a poker tournament with a bounty and you knock them out of the tournament and get their bounty you would say: "POW POW MOTHERFUCKER!"
I took you out! Pow Pow Motherfucker!
by Jeststeve December 22, 2020
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What to whisper in your lover's ear when it hurts, but there ain't no turning back now.
"I can't...breathe..."
"Shhh, pa-pow-pow, baby. Pa-pow-pow."
by Moogle343 July 15, 2008
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another term for cocaine mixed with baking soda or other wise known as crack
that sucka was wacked out on the pow pow ping
by Aduece July 07, 2006
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