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New show on Fox reflecting some of the goverment's flaws, starring, Stan Smith, Franciene Smith, Steve Smith, Haley Smith, Klaus the Goldfish, and Rodger the Alien. Made by the creator of Family Guy
Rodger: Oh God I've got a bear claw up my ass

Stan: You be careful out there we are at terror alert orange, which means somthing might go down somewhere in someway at some point in look sharp
by The Nochturnal Romainain September 05, 2004
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American Dad is a show by Seth McFarlane, who is also well-known for creating Family Guy. Unlike the latter, American Dad is a well-written, satirical comedy for politically conscience people. If you don't have a certain degree of intelligence, it's unlikely you'll really grasp the humor used in the show.

Family Guy fan-boys are notorious for bashing American Dad due it being non-repetitive.

Although one may not like the show, it's hilarity can't be denied.
Family Guy fan: "DUDE! American Dad is SO lame!"

American Dad fan: "Go crawl back under your rock fan-boy!"
by DAS77 August 26, 2012
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A cartoon about CIA agent Stan Smith and his family, (son) Steve, (daughter) Hayley, (wife) Francene, (alien) Roger, and (goldfish) Klaus. Despite being created by Seth Macfarlane, the way the jokes are played out are quite the opposite then that of family guy. While taking no quick jab at Family guy, most of it's humor is quick gag jokes, that do not fit the plot, and involve some sort of random flashback. American Dad, however, does not do this and it's jokes can easily be applied to the plot/characters.
Example of this: In American Dad, Steve's friend, Toshi, is often misunderstood as he speaks in Japanese. Thus, the characters interpret it to fit their own mind, and as it's normally the opposite of what he has actually said, it makes a simple, humorous joke without having to use a flashback to randomly go off the storyline.
by Zelrio124 November 26, 2008
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The funnier, more clever, and original alternative to Family Guy. About a conservative CIA agent dealing with Suburban life as well as his family, plus he has a alien for a best friend. The jokes are better, the satire is good, the plots make sense, and the characters are more developed. Basically proof that you don't need pointless long gags/flashbacks, a gay baby, and a obnoxious fat guy to make people laugh. Plus the show gets way less preachy than family guy as the seasons go on.

If you want to compare anything to the Simpsons, use this show, because it has something family guy will never have: originality.
FG fan: Dude have you seen Family Guy last night?

AD fan: No, I stopped watching that stupid show since I started watching American Dad! and realized how much Family Guy actually is not funny..

FG fan: But it's family guy!

AD fan: And you're a retard!
by techkid103 April 11, 2011
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Seth MacFarlane's other, less popular cartoon creation. It had a rough start, but has been increasing in quality each season, mostly because they eased up on the dumb political humor and came up with some outrageous storylines with jokes that are actually relevant to the plot.
American Dad is to Family Guy as Futurama is to the Simpsons.
by mowub February 12, 2009
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Proof that Seth MacFarlane doesn't need pointless cutaway gags to make a show worth watching
American dad is a bit more like the simpsons although nothing beats the simpsons..
by oettam9652 April 26, 2010
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Satirical cartoon about right-wing CIA agent Stan Smith and his family - housewife (Francine), geeky son (Stan), dirty liberal daughter (Hailey), a goldfish with the brain of a German guy (Claus) and an alien (Rodger). Created by Seth MacFarlane (of Family Guy fame).
Underestimated TV show that deserves more than it's getting. Kicks ass on a level that only the most intelligent people can understand. If you don't like 'American Dad' you are mentally handicapped and deserve a good beating and a lesson in humour and politics.

Francine (to Stan): How's your French toast dear?
Stan: Snotty and ungrateful, but this AMERICAN toast is delicious!
by MattyDee March 08, 2006
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