A virtual pet game starring a brown poop thing for Android and iOS. The game was deleted back in 2019, but the fans caused it to return. There is an FNF mod based on the game.
Think you have what it takes to adopt a Pou?
by KrabbyPatty1999 November 11, 2021
One who is a pussy or an asshole, or just generally wimpy.
Josh Martin from Enterprise, Alabama is a pous pous pousiah. (The ultimate in pous.)
by Sunshine May 8, 2004
1. the soft fatty part of a female cat's underbelly where she has nipples and would carry her litter.
2. a cat's nickname
1. Kitty laid down on her side and wanted her pous rubbed.
2. She's a sweet little pous.
by Miss Kitty Pous November 24, 2007
Listen, see if you not gonna settle down I'm a gonna put my piesh in your pous, huh?

Other acceptable spellings: poose, puse
by Alister Aliwicious Brunswick February 28, 2008
Mr. Shiavone: Show all your work...includidng unneccessary steps
Us:Shiavone, your so pous.
by Meme! October 28, 2006
Typically referred to as a girls vaginal region in Australian teen culture.
Allan flies the pous train
by Infxnity October 28, 2014