its bigger than a coffee cup and smaller than a toilet bowl and lil' kids and freaks peepee in it.. ewww!!
Daddy I need to peepee in my potty!!!
by Hairy Pothead November 14, 2003
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The dumbest fucking idea ever invented.
Wife - "Oh honey I bought you the potty putter so you can play a game while taking a nasty shit."
Husband - "you stupid bitch. I already play battle shits!"
by Mac Long Dong June 06, 2013
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Sitting on a pity potty is a more solitary exercise than going to a pity party, but both describe feeling sorry for one-self.
While sitting on the pity pot, the victim bemoans his or her own fate, usually only making comparisons with those more fortunate--those richer, smarter, funnier, sexier, and better looking. And in far less trouble!
"Oh, woe be me!" is a common thought, as is "Oh shit, oh damn!"
Any recovering addict spends a lot of time first sitting on the pity pot and will strongly resemble a baby or toddler at early toilet-training. When addicts finally start to work their twelve step program, they gradually learn how to accept responsibility for their own body functions and actions, do the right thing, and become productive members of society. At this point, the initial work is done, and the addict is able to get off the pot. Who flushes it, is irrelevant. At least the addict has stopped all that whining.
Pity pottier: "I'm such a lump of shit. Nobody likes me. Nobody loves me."

Other: "I love you. I like you."

Pity pottier: "You don't count. You must obviously be a loser too."

Other (groans): "Oh, come on! Will ya get off that pity potty already?"
by astridstone April 19, 2008
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