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Abrivation for Government Issue, commonly used to refer to soldiers, sailors, airmen, and Marines.
The US has GIs spread out all over the world.
by GI Bro June 13, 2004
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A nickname given to American soldiers during the second world war. GI stands for "Government Issue" which was printed all over the soldiers' equipment.
The GIs helped to defeat the Axis Powers during WWII.
by Kareem May 28, 2005
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*Acronym for "Good Idea", possibly used on chatrooms and internet-related communications.

*Acronym for "Government Issue".

*Acronym for "General Infantry".

*Japanese word, pronounced "gee" (not "jee"), referring to a type of martial arts-related uniform.
"I g0nn@ r0xx0rz yor s0xxorz"

"What does GI in GI Joe mean? Government Issue or General Infantry?"

"A samurai gi is VERY spacy. I'd love to see a woman in a samurai gi. ^.^ "
by Dave November 05, 2004
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Scottish pronounciation of 'give', Tends to be the deeply accented that use this term. Often Neds,chavs,and schemies.
Scottish person: Gi'sus a pencil?
Scottish person2: wat will ya gi' me in return?
Scottish person: ah'll gi' ya a ruler.
by Sann à Alba a tha mi August 03, 2009
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acronym for Giggling Internally. not fucking Laugh Out Loud (which people never do when they say 'LOL').
sneakerhead93: That's what she said.
iDidYourMom: G.I.
sneakerhead93: wtf?
iDidYourMom: GI. It means I didn't actually laugh out loud; I just Giggled Internally.
sneakerhead93: oh.
iDidYourMom: yeah, that shit wasn't that funny.
by pseudonym_goes_here August 07, 2009
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