Affectionate name and term of endearment for a loved one in relation to the cute Australian marsupial that is soft and lives in trees.
'Hello possum; Thankyou possum'
by Oxman08 March 4, 2008
a great drinking game where players have to sit in a tree, like a possum, and consume a pack of 24 beers, preferably speights, until they fall out of the tree from drunkeness.
dude: oi mate are we playing possum tonite?
guy: too right mate
by taperjeangirl August 31, 2007
#1 Dude, Simon just pulled a rabbit out of his ass!
#2 What!? That's awesome!
#1 No, it's possume!
by Ledeman April 27, 2011
correct spelling: opossum(why the o..nobody knows). a furry four legged creature that insists on running directly in front of your car while youre rockin out to journey then all of a sudden your friends in the back seat just scream POSSUUUMMMM!! then the thing looks right at you, makes you swerve, and disappears.
"Dont stop believ--!" POSSUUUMMMM!! I swear that possum looked right at me.
by ysometimesy August 28, 2009
Taken from a Teen Girl Squad animation from Homestar Runner, "possums" can be used to mean that something is negative or not good.
My boss asked me to work overtime today. It was definitely possums.
by Kris September 29, 2004
1.) the act of a girl faking she is asleep after 1-2 drinks at a party to avoid the creepy guy in the corner that has been trying to get with her all night
After Mike was getting a little "grabby" with Betty, she decided she would have to have to pull a possum, so she curled up into a ball and went to sleep
by Nibcats December 5, 2006
Much more older than the above, going back at least to the '20s.

Possuming: The act of pretending to be unconscious, holding body, breathing and especially eyes still. Purpose normally is to hear what you normally wouldn't because the speakers think you're asleep.
"Sarah, quit possuming. We're going home." from Matryoschka Daughters
by Matryoschka Sarah December 20, 2015