The act of simultaneously penetrating a woman's asshole and vagina at the same time with ones penis and a strapon in a way so that said accessories look like chopsticks.
I was trying the "Portugese Chopsticks" with your mother the other day when she realized there was no deli meet in the fridge. Thus explaining the lack of meat in your sandwich.
by Dzzz July 30, 2011
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A clear form of Portugese. Portugese from Portugal sound like Russian, spiting food, and a lisp. Brazilain Portugese is acutaly closer to the original Portugese than Portugese from Portugal.
by carioca February 5, 2007
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A gift that involves one excreting a cable (poo) of at least 6 inches and placing the cable in aluminium foil and freezing it. The frozen cable is presented as a gift in frozen form.
"Gus is planning on giving me a Portugese Icypole for my birthday..I can't wait"
by Griff N. Dawe. April 9, 2008
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When you are performing oral sex on a woman and she breaks wind.
I was going down on this girl she came so hard she gave me a Portugese Whoopsadaisey
by Mr Horrific May 10, 2012
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A sexual act in which one partner inserts his penis underneath the other's eyelid.
A: Why does Susan always wear that eyepatch?
B: About a year ago, I gave her the Portugese Cyclops.
A: High five!
by Oscitant September 27, 2011
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Start by going fishing with a lady off the coast of Portugal, and when she isn't looking you sneak up behind her and fuck her in the ass with a deep sea fishing pole until she starts to bleed. Collect the blood and shit mixture and keep it in a mason jar for safe keeping. Once she is unconscious from blood loss, beat her body with the catch of the day and then cover her in the blood and shit mixture from earlier like the ketchup on top of a meatloaf. Leave her out in the hot Portuguese sun to allow the mixture to bake on to her skin. Sail back to port and round up 2 native sweaty, poor, and stupid Portuguese sailers. Lure them on board with the promise of fresh fish and meatloaf. Once on board proceed to have sex with the unconscious woman in all of her orifices. Finally lock the Portuguese sailers in the cabin with the body, call the police, and leave.
I gotta find a boat, I feel like making Portugese Meatloaf tonight.
by sixteenoeight May 3, 2011
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Originating in Pre-colonial Brazil the Portugese Breakfast was first introduced to the west via an aboriginal tribesman who passed on the info to some portugese conquistadores. With a taste for omelates but no skillit to speak of he siglehandedly revolutionized the egg industry. Throwing caution into the wind and 3-4 eggs, plus fixins into an ass cavity he created a quick and delicious meal as well as a great way to demoralize the person being used as the ass skillet.
"Sofia smiled to herself as Alowicious poured western omelate batter into her ass cavity. In a matter of minutes they would be dining on one hell of a portugese breakfast"
by Matuea October 8, 2006
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