First find a willing girl. Beat 4 eggs, shredded cheese and a can of tuna into a large bowl. Pour the mixture into the vagina of a woman.The "cook" places his mouth over the vagina and lifts the woman over there head and swallows as much of it as possible.
"Amanda was dissapointed that Kenny couldn't finish his Portugese Breakfast."
by BLR June 2, 2006
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From the movie "Deuce Bigalow: European Giggalo" Refers to the sex act of spreading a woman's legs wide open, stuffing curry chicken in her nanzo and eating her out while munching on the chicken"
by Pdogs August 27, 2005
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when you crack an egg in a girls vagina and uses a egg beater to scramble it around
eric: sounds good to me
*eric gets some kitchen utensils*
claudia: oh no were all out of EGGS
*they both run to the store*
then they had a good night
by wtyerghf July 30, 2006
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It originated in Continental Portugal. This guy walked into his house to find his wife having lesbian sex with another women using a Portugese Sausage as a double sided dildo. He was hungry from work and watching both women go at it made him horny. So he went down on her while eating the sausage. This is also known as a "Portymeal"

Now it may be used for describing Food with Sex. Whether it be eating a sandwhich while a girl is going down on you or what not
Im hungry n horny, I think im gonna have a Portugese Breakfast.
by Q400 December 3, 2005
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The act of attempting to insert your penis into a clenched asshole before ejaculation. The result of which ends in the ejaculate ricocheting onto your own face.
I was so backed up last night that I ended up giving my wife a portugese splashback.
by Johnny goodtimes February 2, 2017
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gross. super fetish. when one takes the act of making an omlet, a perfectly good omlet. a smuthering it in shit and lick it with your lover. then you proceed to eat it off her poontang. or you could "tonuge punch the fart box" with it. wife wants me to give her a portugese omlet.
man2. dear god. i'd rather be cleveland steamed than that.
man3 gross.
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When a man defecates into the waiting vagina of his female lover, and then proceeds to give her cunnilingus, enjoying his own product as well.
"Hey man! I had a Portugese taco last night!"
"Really? Susie let you?"
by Nicholas Womp June 9, 2007
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