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The word porp or porpie is Dutch in origin. The original Dutch word is 'Poepie' and literally means 'little shit'. The figurative meaning is 'honey'. The porpulation is: 2. The word is magically created when the two were communicating via the well-known communication form called 'Whatsapp'. This happend while the female side of the porps was in Portugal and the male side was in Italy. The porps are two amazing people living in The Netherlands, but it should be New York. These two people are the sexiest, most beautiful and kindest people on earth. It is a privilege to know these two. The only thing that keep the porps going are the most important part of a human body: The Ass. Without the ass they would be nothing more than two boring Dutchies.

The Porps have made Porp-Worthy lists. These lists are selected during different Porp-conventions. The lists can contain artists, places, food and movies. This lists can only be changed by the porps and need to go through a long process before they can be added to the list. An example of a Porp-Worthy list is:
Beyoncé also known as THE QUEEN
Katy Porpy
Queen B
Justin Timberlake

Their future consists of 8 big houses with swimming pools, private sushi chefs, whales and penguins as pets, sexy slaves and the most important part: world domination.

No one can be a porp besides the existing porps.

The only way to get into the porp family tree, is to put a ring on it. The name of the boyfriend or husband of the porp is: The 'Prop'.
'Who run the world?'


'Have you seen the porps lately?'
'No, but I want to'
'Yes, I know, I need some eye-candy'
by porp November 15, 2014
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a dolphin with an abnormal backside being that of a scrotum
In the underground lair at Sea World, many porps live among the failed whale riders.
by wahoodan September 26, 2007
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A very cute and sweet person. Big eyes, small nose. Not cute in that "Care Bear" kind of way, but smart and alert.
Look at that sweet porp! She's named Porpie!
by Mark Sottilaro May 30, 2003
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To question the factual integrity of a statement made by another person and require a response from them of either: "Porp" if the statement is in fact true or any other word if the statement wasn't true.

Failure to respond with 100% honesty will result in death of one's grandmother, as Porp is derived from the Cantonese word for grandmother. Thus, the stakes are high and you should consider very carefully the implications of porp-lying

Generally used when there is a hint of disbelief about the story/statement. Similar to calling out someone on a bluff.
Steve "I just made out with that blonde bird at the bar"
Dan "Porp?"
Steve "Porp"
Dan "Wow, well done bro"

OR (if steve was lying)

Steve "I just made out with that blonde bird at the bar"
Dan "Porp?"
Steve "Nah but I knew she wanted to"
Dan "I knew she was outta your league"
by bentise July 08, 2012
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A mysterious dolphin-like creature that likes to inhabit low lying areas such as bathroom stalls as well as walls, stairs, floors, money, or even in some cases human beings. These strange beings are usually written in Sharpie or some other form of scribe. Very often the word Porp is seen in question form (Porp?). Originated in the Western Pennsylvania area.
Wow, did you happen to see that enormous Porp? in the bathroom this morning?
by PorpyMcPorpster April 30, 2010
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when a female has her undergrments showing in public without her knowledge(or so she says)
man, keeley porps way too much, next time i see her thong hanging out im gonna puke.
by F-Bert February 26, 2004
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