A term used in the Caribbean (specifically The Bahamas) to refer to a person (friend/acquaintance/man/woman/sometimes an animal). The "ey" is like saying "uh" and "ay" at the same time. Similar to the Jamaican patois term man dem, which refers to a person. Also similar to the word dude. Not to be confused with Beyonce's nickname Bey (Bee); which came about waaay after.
Adrian: Bey, you see that girl?
Brian: Yes bey, she fine af.
Adrian: Watch me get her number.
Brian: Bey, I dare you.
by DaddiWhyllz July 21, 2015
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1. Formerly known as governing or ruling titles for the ancient Ottoman Empire .

2. Turkish/Egyptian way of addressing or acknowledging someone in a formal manner.

3. Commonly used with "-El" , "Bey" when African Americans change their last name signaling that they are returning to the knowledge of being of Moorish descent.
1. All bow during the grand entrance of mahad el bey!

2. Is this Carter Bey?

3. We changed from "the names given to our ancestors by europeans" to "Bey" /"El" to claim our nationality, since black isn't a nationality.
by Mother Nature February 18, 2017
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Kiwi/New Zealand Maori Slang for cuz, friend, mate, pal
"Gis us a bite your pie Bey?"
"Atta Bey get your own"
by The_Jackal August 16, 2006
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A shortened name of endearment for the singer Beyonce. Mainly used by hardcore fans and gay men.
Girl: Watchu listening to, girl?
Gay Man: The homegirl Bey.
by MyNameIsNotOnHere March 1, 2013
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A word used by aswill or a janner to replace the word friend or mate in a greeting, can be used to greet either males or females. Originated mainly from Plymouth and surrounding areas.
Alright Bey, hows it going you 'cont'! Wanna 'focking' go down jesters in me nova, bey! Please note:Additional words that have apostrophe's surrounding them e.g. 'Focking' may need additional explaining in other definitions such as swill or janner.
by Fockhead December 10, 2006
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Used around central scotland can mean friend, mate or can replace words like 'beast'.
Had a bey of a night last night!
by Absolute legend of a Bey! August 12, 2010
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A New Zealand slang for man, usually used in conjunction with ow or attatched to the end of a sentence to amplify the effect.
No ow bey!
Nah bey, not cool.
by phantom_hound July 6, 2005
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