A website that has a way friendlier comment section than Youtube does
*Me asking for help on homework*
Me: "Do any of you know the answer to 3x+2=14"
Fortfag01: "Figure it out you fucking retard."
Me: "Fuck this site, I'm going to Pornhub where I can get some real help."

Me: "Do any of you know the answer to 3x+2=14"
felchgod69: "Oh yeah the answer is just x=4"
Me: "Thanks!"
by Dubiks October 17, 2018
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The reason why incognito, private browser, and clearing search history was invented.
*horny teen boy: My mom took my phone last night and I didsnt delete my history :(((
"horny teen boy 2: OH SHIT BITCH
by bigdaddygay October 17, 2019
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You know exactly what this shit is. So fuck off.
I don’t know how the fuck to use Pornhub in a sentence.
by [[[[ March 22, 2018
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Pronounced: poor-en-hub; noun/also adjective for connoisseurs...”Yeah I’m pro’lly gonna Pornhub it tonight baby so you get some rest

Def: Website known internationally(except in Russia and China on Thursdays and Sundays) for it’s informative and entertaining videos depicting a variety of human interactions performed in the nude. Many of the videos available are so engrossing that viewers will also be nude and act out the activities on the screen by themselves for two to three minutes and then abruptly leave the website without learning the final outcome of the story.

Use: It is important that you always remember to turn off Bluetooth before retiring to your room to watch Pornhub- failure to do so will cause your audio to be broadcast from your bedroom to the speaker in the living room where your wife, her sister and your mother-in-law are relaxing over hot tea. The ensuing awkwardness of this mistake will greatly diminish your viewing pleasure.
*Please note that if you attempt to google and type in the first letter of your search, and it is not even the letter P but auto-suggest still pops up Pornhub, you may qualify as a chronic Jacker.
*Certain Pornhub advertising will claim that there is a “Horny MILF 2.5 miles away that is ready to fuck you now!” . If you happen to travel to another state and view Pornhub in that other state, don’t be alarmed when you see the same Horny MILF still only 2.5 miles away: She is NOT stalking you.
Wife: What was all moaning and video flickering while I was trying to sleep last night?
Wife:Oooh you nasty boy! Come over here to mama and get some of this pornhub...
Husband:Sorry hon, I beat it like three times last night and I’m spent.
by Eye Six January 27, 2019
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