When the guy shits in a girls vagina during intercourse
Girl 1 “she smells like shit!”
Girl 2 “Brian gave her an Alabama hot pocket”
Girl 1 “ohhhh
by BmAc0977 November 19, 2018
A hot pocket from the state of Alabama. Nothing more.
Damn this pepperoni Alabama hot pocket is good
by bruhinator 2000 March 14, 2020
When you fill your girls pussy with shit then fuck her til it burns
Man this nasty bitch wanted an Alabama hot pocket
by That dude 1time January 25, 2020
When the girl opens her vagina so the male can shit inside her vagina then they carry on having sex
by Ya Boi Porn December 1, 2018
when you have sex with a country girl after a long day of work on a ranch/farm
Billy felt up for an Alabama hot pocket, but I don't like the salty taste.
by Christian Steele January 17, 2007