When someone's eaten your weed stash and you smoke it anyways after they've shit it out.
My dog ate my stash, man. 422 Blaze it!
by Number11Doctor March 26, 2018
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422 (spoken four twenty two) is code for a hippie. The idea comes from 4/22 or April 22nd which is earth day and so millions of hippies the world round' come out of the woodwork on this day. Mostly used by police to ID a dirty or stank hippie looking person. On some occasions fire & rescue teams will use the code as will hazmat crews when the hippie is exceptionally filthy or smelly.
Cop 1: So you wanna go get something to eat?
Cop 2: Hell no man I don't have any appetite today.
Cop 1: Why?
Cop 2: I had to take in a 422 today and he took his shoes off in my cruiser... Man it smells like death in that car.
Cop 1: Where is you cruiser by the way?
Cop 2: Oh I just drove it into the lake to get rid of the smell.... and the 422's stanking ass *laughter* *Vomits* *harder laughter*
by saharadryhumor January 4, 2015
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2 days after 420, and 1 day after 421
its a day where some are burned from the afterpartys at 421, and some still havnt finished the huge joint from 420
yo man, dis joint wont ever be done. i think this 420 weed is gona last until 427, or at least 422.
by collectiveinspiration March 8, 2006
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Rainbow Dash is always 20% cooler than you. No Exception.
Brony 1: Dude did you see that awesome (insert cool thing here) that i just did?!

Brony 2: Rule 422

Brony 1: Confound these ponies! They force me to uncoolness!
by Dr_Whooves June 15, 2011
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Bunch of sick cunts, it’s 420 too
by Stoned xunt April 16, 2021
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