The most lit apartments in the Peninsula. It’s in Palo Alto but it’s not like the rest of PA. Similar to the Buena Vista trailer parks. Palo Alto doesn’t have many real ones, but the few that exist are usually from here.
Person 1: Aye, where you from?
Person 2: Palo Alto, but I’m from the 574
by ElChivo October 1, 2018
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The South Bend, Indiana area code. Formerly 219 before being split.
574 is the michiana area containing Notre Dame.
by j574sbi January 3, 2009
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Some of the most popular New Balance yet. They come in a variety of colors and most people own at least one pair
Person A: What shoes are you wearing tonight bro?
Person B: Im thinking about my black New Balance 574

Person A: Come to think of it, I might wear mine too.
by Theboogieman94 August 6, 2009
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