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1. A small, quiet animal with pointy, protective quills on its back to keep it safe from predators.

2. A person, typically a gamer, who is overreacting or lashing out at someone who was not in any way involved in the situation which the "porcupine" is angry about. These people typically play Minecraft, CS:GO, Geometry Dash, or any sport-themed video games.
Definition 1 sentence: "I was poked in the hand from a porcupine I brainlessly attempted to snuggle with."

Definition 2 sentence: "Dude, quit being such a porcupine over Minecraft."
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by EliteArchwing February 12, 2017
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a small prickled animal who resembles that of a hedge hog. You are all dirty minded. It is an animal, don't ruin it for the rest of us. hmph.
Ouch, the porcupine pricked me :(
by Sarah B May 09, 2006
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A woman that has really been around

comes from the phrase "if she had as many dicks on her as shes had in her she'd look like a porcupine"
damn dude u fucked mary too so did greg ,john, curtis, and about 15 other guys before them

yea that bitch is a porcupine for sure
by Masta Dragon Red May 29, 2007
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The act of taking a live porcupine (also called the quill pig) and throwing it at an unsuspecting passerby. It is frequently used as a method of revenge on someone who has recently committed a grievous offense.
I porcupined Ryan last Thursday. He had it coming.
by jmitch77 August 12, 2009
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When a girls pubic hair is extra sharp right after she shaves and it stabs your skin while fucking her.
"She gave me a Porcupine and it hurt the whole entire time."
by PaPa ZiTT November 30, 2006
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woodland creature with lots of needles sticking out of it.
if she had as many things sticking out of her that she has stuck in her she would look like a porcupine.
by deadman77 April 27, 2010
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Noun: pour-q-pine
A female who has had many sexual partners and is known for her promiscuity. This term is derived from the idea that if the female in question had as many cocks growing out of her body as had been in her body she would have the appearance of a porcupine.

Ex: (Two Friend having conversation)

"Hey man did you see anabelle in first period, she's got a great ass."

"Yeah, but I wouldn't hit it, I hear she's a mayjor porcupine!"
by joecamel April 01, 2009
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