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One of the better guilds from the popular mmorpg - Ragnarok Online, resides on the game server Loki. Created through bad leadership and lies of Evil. A Revolutionary Guild. Can be found at the corner of the streets of Prontera getting stoned.
1337_Novice: "Have you seen Peachi lately?"

Hulk_Hogan: "Omfg!!!1111 LUNO got another one!!!"
by Anarchist July 19, 2004
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An annoying exclamation, often uttered by planetarium-headed freshmen who think they're karate kid, often in a high-pitched, grating, nasal tone.
"Boo-yah! I'll slap you!"
by Anarchist October 17, 2003
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a fat bag o' crap obsessed with reefer and rimjobs
"how's blubbernaut doing? Still have his head up the teacher's ass?
by Anarchist October 17, 2003
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Classical logic (usually Rationalism) of the early Greek philosophers (Socrates, Plato, Aristottle) demented beyond all recognition to make others feel stupid and prove random, pointless things (pumpkins are really purple, you don't exist, four means five) to demonstrate, in the user's mind, and all observers, the user's intellectual superiority over his victims. Usually used to compensate for shortcomings in social skills and genital endowment. Numbers often used in lieu of statements, and quotes of victim usually blown completely out of proportion (Ex. So, If Texan, Then Racist, so If P, Then Q). Easily defeated if you have taken the first few weeks of a basic college philosophy course, or with a good swift (but very well-aimed) kick to the nuts.
"So, If P Then Q, but If Not P Then Still Q..."

"Not again..."
by Anarchist October 17, 2003
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To go through a porno mag and cut out or cover up some or all of the landmines.
"Check this shit out. Don't worry, I minesweapt it.
by Anarchist November 04, 2003
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An intentional mispronunciation of "mutant."

1. An annoying, ugly, short-ass girl who won't leave you alone.

2. Less frequently used to describe any demented person or creature.
"Qiuck! Hide! It's the mootant!"
by Anarchist October 19, 2003
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